Wednesday, October 23, 2013


My two best friends currently have boyfriend and I'm so super happy for them. They are both amazing people and deserve to be happy. They really do. I can't help but feel a bit lonely sometimes. After I feel lonely I think about past relationships and how they have failed and why, which is never a good thing to think about. And then I think is it me? Am I just not good enough?
But really is not me at all. I am good enough I just haven't found him yet. When I don't feel good enough it's always the thought of boys and relationships that keeps me down when really I don't need a boyfriend to define if I'm good enough or not.  
Since the months I have been minus one I've learned a lot about relationships, my expectation, and even myself. I know it sounds clique but how can I give myself to someone and love them if I can't even love myself?
So when the time comes I'll fall in love, not because I'm lonely, but because it's right.

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