Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Early this summer my world was flipped upside down when I got the call that my friend Mason took his own life. After getting that call my life hasn't been the same. I miss my Maceycakes everyday. Suicide does not eliminate of life getting worse. Suicide eliminates the possibility of it ever getting better. Suicide should never be an option. You are loved, You are wanted, You are cared about, You are special, You are completely irreplaceable, You are forgiven, but most of all You are alone. 

Mason has forever changed my life. Since his passing I haven't pick up a single blade and I am completely selfharm free. He has effect many people and his story I hope will encourage people not to ever give up. 

When you take your own life you end the pain for yourself and leave a domino effect on everyone who has ever cared about you and loved you 

This is the number for the suicide hotline:

Please remember you are never alone 

R.I.P. Mason 
R.I.P. Collin 

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