Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Honestly just in the last week I had discovered the hold that fear can have on me. When people say they are scarred of something such as heights, its not the height that they are really scarred of, it the chance that they will fall. No one if afraid of the actual thing, they are afraid of the effect of the chance things will go wrong. Why are people so bound by their own fear? Especially for me I fear rejection. I think everyone does but never really says it out loud. For me it's just easier to be alone and keep a safe distance. It's a lot easier than putting myself out there. I have walls and these walls have kept me from getting hurt but it has also kept me from being happy. But in this last week I have also realized that there are risk worth taking and people worth letting the walls down for. When it comes to people they are going to let you down but it's about how they treat you and at the end of the day you let people down too. Happiness is an effort and you need to be willing to work for it

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